Building, Electrical & Plumbing Permits are obtained by calling NJ Code Enforcement


Located at

171 Route 173 Suite 107

Asbury NJ 08802

            Borough Officials

                                   Contact Information

                         WATER EMERGENCY AFTER HOURS

Call Alan Brower, Director of Public Works/Water Operator

​                                            908-448-4854

Municipal Office may close from time to time for the Municipal Clerk to do banking, pick up mail and various other purposes during a regular business day.

Call Us:  (908)537-2329

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                                                 Department of Public Works

​                                                          Hours: 7:00 - 3:30

                                     99 Main Street                         908-537-6884​

 Alan Brower, CPWM/Water Specialist        Director of Public Works/Water Operator

 Matt Schafer                                                    Deputy Director of Public Works/

                                                                             Water Operator

Hampton Municipal Court

as of April 1, 2020 will be at:

Clinton Township

1370 Route 31 North

Annandale,NJ 08801

Phone: 908-735-3730

Fax: 908-735-3731

                                                               Municipal Offices

                                                          Hours 8:30 - 4 Monday - Friday

                                                    Phone: 908-537-2329     Fax: 908-537-7097

Linda Leidner, RMC/CMR/CRP - Municipal Clerk, Registrar, Water Clerk

Kathy Olsen, CFO/QPA                       Chief Financial Officer

Diane Laudenbach, CTC                     Tax Collector  

Hours: Thursday 10am-Noon

Jeffrey Ward - Tax Assessor -         908-625-8971                                   

Hours: 3rd Monday  5-7pm

Allison Witt -  Zoning Officer  - By Appointment                         

Alan Brower   -    Municipal Violations Officer                                      908-448-4854


Tom Carpenter - Rental Inspection/PERC - By Appointment             908-537-4521

Jeffrey Tampier - OEM Coordinator                                                        908-448-4857

Sherry Minchin - Planning Board Secretary                                          908-343-3760

Richard Cushing, Borough Attorney         Gebhardt & Kiefer

William Burr, Borough Engineer               Maser Consulting

Warren Korecky, Auditor                            Suplee Clooney & Company